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Do Saved Audiences Automatically Use Targeting Expansion?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is do you saved audiences automatically use targeting expansion? So we began answering this question on the ad set level where I'm gonna scroll down and go ahead and go to the audience right here. So they're asking if I go ahead and create, or have a saved audience on my backend of my Facebook ads manager. If I go ahead and add that. So for this example, I'm going to go ahead and do purchase 30 days, which means everyone who visited my website in the past 30 days and purchases something. I want to include them in this ad set. So maybe I'm doing a remarketing campaign for everyone who purchased, uh, you know, giving them a discount code or whatever I'm doing. So this means I am only bringing in the people for this ad set to people who have purchased and then at 30 days. So the question is do you saved audiences as in like this purchase 30 days right here automatically use targeting expansion, which if you scroll down a little bit is right here. So this button is generally used for, let's say, for example, we have a product where we want to target people who wear headphones bright, which is, I guess, very broad, but for example, people who do or who wear headphones. Now, if you want to use this button, let's say that we want to go ahead and check this box. It'll target people who like headphones amongst people who like, uh, maybe bigger speakers or, car speakers, somewhere in that same market, but not so niche. If that makes sense. Now, if I were to uncheck, uncheck it, it'll go ahead and focus more, more on that niche market to where if I had more targeting set up, it would be following more of that targeting, instead of going broader. So for any safe audiences though, don't worry about doing any targeting or any expansion targeting as no matter what audience you use. It'll only use this custom audience or the state audience you have. So I hope that helped if you need any more, one-on-one help with Facebook ads, just hop to work with a live expert today. Have a great day. You guys. Thanks.


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