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Does The Time I Launch A Campaign Affect The Delivery?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help, where we try to answer questions in two minutes, the question for today is does the time I launch a campaign affect the delivery? great question, so I’m gonna go ahead and start off on the ad set level to kind of show you more visually what that looks like. So I’m gonna go ahead and scroll down to budget and schedule and as you can see here let's just say that all of what I’m doing here applies to the whole entire campaign so for this example let's say that I do launch this campaign at six a.m. So now what I’m essentially doing is giving this campaign the full entire day right from morning to six a.m. and on to collect the data to spend the budget adequately and efficiently right and to learn and get the data. I need whereas opposed if I were to run a different campaign at 6 00 pm right let's say it was 6 00 p.m on the same day on May 1st as you can already tell that me starting a campaign at 6 00 a.m and starting a campaign at 6 00 p.m is a 12-hour difference within a high engagement high traffic time which is all the day pretty much and so as opposed to doing it at 6 00 p.m and getting all that nighttime audience now depending on your business that might be what you are looking for but essentially for most businesses, uh it's safe to say that starting a campaign earlier in the day while you can get the most traffic and the most adequate spend throughout the day is what you're always looking for. So does it affect the campaign delivery yes based on the budget and the time that you want to give your campaign to actually run and perform for you. So, I hope that answers the question and if you need to help with Facebook or Instagram ads, hop on Hopps at to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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