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How Do I Add A Read More Option In The Product Description?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps help, and we're going to talk about adding a read more section, on a product page in Shopify. This is really actually pretty simple. You're going to have to, if it's in the product description, you're going to have to make that option a hyperlink. Okay. So, I have a kind of example on this particular website here, you can see here how we have this exclusive discount option page, and then you have a learn more button that learns more button was something that I then takes you to this page in particular. And that is kind of an example of doing a kind of a different part of the website. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to hyperlink this page inside of a product description. So, we're going to go to this product description, and you want it to basically have a read more in the product description. So, when you can do edit that product description, Plus the word, read more there, and we can fold that we can do a whole bunch of stuff with it. And see here, I'll take this page. No, it's bolded. So, and we're going to click save. And now we're just going to go to the page itself and wonder if it's going to actually take, let's see here, what it does. And so what's going to happen is people will be able to filter it is clicked the read more, and it'll take them to said page doing a hyperlink is probably the best way to do something like this in the product page specifically. Now you can dress it up how you'd like bold it, underline it, not underline it. It really depends on the theme. You might even be able to put a box around it, to kind of look, make it, look like a button, but as well, but you're going to have to hyperlink part of your website or to wherever you want to read more to point to for that to work in the product description. And there you go. Thanks.


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