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How Do I Add Customer Reviews On The Home Page Of The Store?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo, from Hopps help. And we're going to talk about adding reviews to your homepage through Shopify. So, there are a couple of pretty simple ways you can do this and there are also some more advanced ways you can do it. Let's talk about the kind of third-party way of the quote, unquote, more advanced. It's pretty simple though. So, what you're going to do is go to your Shopify account, go into apps like I am here and then you're going to want to just go to the app store and for this, I'm going to touch on a couple of things, but I'm going to go straight to an app that I know does really well for reviews. I personally actually don't use it myself, but I have seen other people use it and I've seen how it works and it works great. So, the app is called judge me, and just going to type that in and it is, let's see. Let's see here. It's going to put in judging my reviews so I can get that pulled up here. And here it is right here, judge. my product reviews. Alright, judge me and this app is a really great app. If you want it to basically just have some reviews and social proof kind of placed on your site, really, really great app. You can kind of see here are some example pieces and you can use them. Here's some here's like an example of a homepage version of it. Judge me is also something that you can do in regards to putting that on your product pages as well. But yeah, judging me is a really great one aside from just using judgment. You can also simply just search for other apps within this spot. Let's see here, you're going to put in a view Product review. Okay. And you can search this as well within, within the apps store from Shopify. But my recommendation is to go with judge me. Now, another thing you can do is you can simply go to your online store in Shopify and go to pages and just simply manually create your own page specifically for reviews and actually just track down your customers and ask them to leave you a review, email it to you, and then you can just create your own page like so, and, you know, a label that page, whatever you want. And then go ahead and type in or copy and paste those reviews over to your site. And then from there, all you would need to do is create an a, an option within your website and put place those reviews, that page of reviews on your homepage. So, let's say I made a page for reviews. I could simply then go into the customized section of my website. I can then add a section and we can do let's see here. I think it's it should be a custom option. Should be able to have some blink. Yeah. As you can do a rich text here, I've got a testimonial section for this particular theme, and you can simply just manually have those in yourself. I have a version of this actually on this site. I have it actually in my main menu, I have testimonials specifically for one supplier for this particular store. And what actually happened here is this particular supplier gave me reviews of their products from real customers. And I simply copied and pasted it, made a page, and put it there. So, there are several different ways that you can go about doing reviews. And I would recommend, however, if you want to really do it well, do judge me. If you want to skip the judgment thing and not pay anything, then you could simply make it yourself and paste it onto a Shopify on your store. Thanks.


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