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How Do I Add Text Below An Image That Is Entered On The Right And Adjust The Text Using Classic Edits?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer questions in two minutes. So, today's question is how do I add text below and the image that is entered on the right and adjust the text using classic edits? Okay. So, we have a right aligned image right here with the title. Now, how do we align that if we go to, and this is the classic editor, by the way? So, if we, if we highlight that and try to own here, it's not really doing anything, that's the problem. So, we can't go that route. How do we fix this? If we copy the test title and then go to text was going to search for it here. We see a highlighted yellow because I'm using Chrome. Okay. So how do we get that to be, let's say left-align instead of center, we can do style equal’s text? Oh, the line left. And I'll show you right line. And just a second here too. So, here's left, lined text for it. And then we also have aligned right. To align it to the right side. And that's how you adjust the title. Text on an image using the classic editor in WordPress. If you need, one-on-one help with a WordPress expert, hop on it, today.


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