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How Do I Analyze The Behavior Of Specific Audiences?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question we are answering today is how do I analyze the behavior of specific audiences in Google analytics? So, to look at the behavior of specific audiences within the Google Analytics reporting, you can either we're going to use what's called a segment. And so, you can create a new segment. One of two ways. You can either add the segment through here and then click on this button to create a new segment, or there's also a menu and button to do that in the admin settings. Since we're already here, I'll click on the new segment. And nowhere is where the audience is defined. So, there are already pre-built definitions for demographics, technology, behavior, data, first session traffic sources, enhanced e-commerce conditions, as well as sequences. If you, if there were different steps that you wanted a user to take most of the time, what you want to use is the advanced conditions, because this allows you to do any of the segments above, but also to add in additional conditions. So, for example, if I wanted to look at that the segments that came from organic search or came from paid search, I can now create a new segment of portal traffic from search. And once that segment is saved, I can now view all of the reports using this segment. And that's how you analyze the performance of the audience. Hope that helps if you need one-on-one help with Google analytics, just hop on to to work with a live expert today. Thank you.


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