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How Do I Analyze The Data Generated By Ad Campaigns?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps Help we answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how to analyze the data generated by ad campaigns? So this is the picture that was given by the person who asked that question. And so where do you want to focus on the first three campaigns as these would have the most data and the ones to kind of go off of? So the first thing I'm going to see here is that this person has initiate checkout, which doesn't mean that's a full, complete purchase. That just means a customer or customers, initiated at the checkout. They could have put their payment information or press checkout, but not by, um, so the biggest, key indicator I want to hit here is CPM or the cost per 1000 impressions. And why that is so important is because depending on what kind of strategy of course this person is running, but, CPM is important because it kind of gives you a good gauge of what kind of game you're getting into. So, fashion illustration for his first ad set, I'm going to assume that he's running an ad for a fashion illustration audience, like an audience who is responsive to fashion illustration. And so this tells me that, his $3 a day, he's betting at $20 per 1000 impressions, which to get a good gauge, you need about a thousand to 1200, uh, I would say around there to get a good idea of what kind of data you will get from that audience. And $20 is what you're going to be betting pretty much. So that CPM is a good number to look out for because it's what you're going to be getting back four per thousand impressions. At $3 a day, it'll take you quite, uh, quite a minute to get there. Uh, so of course, the more you spend upfront, the more and faster you'll get the data. The next one is the CPC, the cost per click, uh that's these are averaging okay, 82 cents, or I guess on all of them, it's 80 cents on average, but it says we have 77 cents, 42 cents, 42 cents. Not bad, it approaching a dollar. I will look out for that. And of course the click-through rates, how are the ads that are doing? But I would look at this number more on the ad level. Uh, that way you can just change the ad, not the ad set level. So I hope that helped if he has to help with one-on-one help with Facebook ads, hop on Hopps to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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