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How Do I Automate Shopify To Assign A Tracking Number Once A Customer Buys Something?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps help where we try to answer your questions in two to three minutes. And today going to be talking about how you can automate your tracking number to be assigned to a customer right after they purchase? So to answer that question directly, unfortunately, there is not a system in place right now that allows for this to happen. And the reason for that is mostly because there's Shopify wants to have that process be manual so that people can make sure that all their ducks are in a row when they are doing their tracking. I've even personally seen some situations where I've had a supplier provide me with a tracking number and it's either been the wrong tracking number or the tracking number gets canceled by the carrier or, or what have you. So it's kind of good to actually not have it be automated because you, you kind of do want to manually watch that. So at this current point in time to answer your question directly, no, the reality actually isn't an answer for this right now. However, there are solutions that are being created. For example, there is a system, a new system out there called unify, which is, which is one of the things Defy's going to eventually do is have the option for people to have an automated system for allowing for tracking numbers to go through automatically. So you can, you'll be able to do that. You will have to, however, you will have to make permission to, in order for that, to for that function to work. So, so, unfortunately, no, there's not a way for this to work. You will have to go to the item that needs the tracking number, Mark it as fulfilled, and then placed your tracking number here and then click fulfill. So obviously you know, it would be nice if it were automated, however, it is as a safeguard and it is best, for that to happen the way it does right now. And then eventually, you know, when systems are created like the unified system, eventually you will be able to have it be automated and just person will receive their tracking number. Once it's available through an automated way. But as of right now, most of the time people are receiving the tracking number from whoever they're shipping from. And then it makes sense to kind of do it manually and happen there and put it in yourself. So, all right, hope this was helpful. Feel free to head over to If you want, one-on-one time with an expert in any questions. All right. Hope this helps. Thanks.


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