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How Do I Avoid Overlap When Targeting My Facebook Ads By Interests?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help reach out to answer commonly asked questions in under two minutes. The question we're going to answer today is how do I avoid overlap when targeting my Facebook ads by interests? So the first thing you're going to want to do is to go to your campaign and go to the ad sets, ad set section, and scroll down to detailed targeting. So in this section here, you're actually able to put as many interests as you would like. So for example, it's just trying like skateboarding right here, and then maybe like skateboard right here. So this would be an interesting overlap, right? What you could do is you could just have skateboarding and one, and then you could just duplicate the campaign. So you would, so let's, let's just see if we can do it right now so I can show you, so this is going to be skateboarding, right? So let's go ahead and name this campaign Speed. Then that would be one campaign, right? Skateboarding duplicate, make a copy, right? And name this one Skateboard, Right. Then go to your new ad set up. Do, do, do, do scroll down, and then just type in. And that's it. I have one campaign for skateboard and one campaign for skateboarding and you could duplicate the campaign and do more so forth. So I hope that helped if you need any additional help with Facebook ads, make sure to hop on Hopps at to work with a live expert today.


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