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How Do I Change The Activity Of My Ads If It Is "Active" But Nothing Happens?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I change the activity of my ads if it is active, but nothing happens? This is a great question. And so essentially what this means is that your ad is turned on, but it's not delivering. And there could be a few reasons why that is it's a bit deeper than maybe a certain one setting of a turn on or off. It could be a little bit deeper as in your audience or media budget. So let's go ahead and go over that real quick. So go ahead and start off on the ads manager, by going to, selecting ads manager, and either one creating your own campaign or selecting one by selecting edit, and then building off of one that you've already created. So as you can see here, I'm going to hop on to the ad set. Number three. The first thing, like I said is to look at your budget most likely than not. If you're, if you're not delivering or if your ad is not delivering your budget is too small, whether it could be less amount of conversions, Facebook will give you, or it could be less reach or impressions. It could be an overall small budget. So go ahead and look at upgrading your budget, increasing it by not by too much, maybe by a couple of dollars. See if that helps. The next thing that you want to look at here is your audience really look at this number two, you're on the right called your potential reach. As this number is really going to indicate our Facebook gives you to go off of who you're targeting in a general sense. So for example, if I were to target people who like cereal working at year nine, come on my mind, uh, cereal. So as you can see here, people who like cereal, I mean, uncheck this, we were looking at 26 million people, right? So that's pretty good. That's really good if I want to target that. Right. But if I want to expand it, even more, I would go ahead and select this little checkbox here. And then you'll see how it's 240 million people. So a big difference, but this gives me the idea that if I were to select this it'll target like brands or like interests, which will increase my potential rate. So go ahead and take a look at your audience and make sure that all fits in and there's enough audience to run your ads to. The third thing is that if you had just launched her campaign, go ahead and wait a couple of days because Facebook one Oh one, give Facebook a couple of days to review your ad and pass it through. And second, give your ad enough time to get pushed out there and get interactions and engagement, right? So don't make decisions based on immediate needs or once give it a few days if you've already published it and then see how it goes. Especially after you make any one of these changes in your budget or your audience, give it a few days, trust it. And then look at the data by the fourth or fifth day. So I hope that helped if you use any one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads, hop in a to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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