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How Do I Change The Audience Of Promotion After It Has Been Launched?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I change the audience of promotion after it has already been launched? So, this means that this person probably has promoted or boosted, a piece of content like this one in front of you, as you see the end of the season sale. And they're like, okay, I'm halfway through my campaign, but the audience I chose is not responding or it's not converting. Like I thought it was so how do I change it? Right. So, if this promotion was set on Instagram, like, as I said, it was then what you cannot do is change the audience in the middle of it. We have to do is turn off the campaign, completely build out a new campaign with a new audience, and then use that same piece of content and then run it like a whole new campaign. The only way that you're able, to change the audience in the middle of a campaign is if you had created on Facebook ads manager, where you can go ahead and hop on and then change the audience. Do I recommend that? No, I don't. I still recommend turning it off. And then also building a whole new asset, for example, or a whole new campaign. But for this example, if you're in this situation, you'd probably be probably sitting there like, okay, well now I have this campaign I'm running, but I want it turned off, but I'm not in front of my computer to do it. So, what's the easiest way to do this. So, Facebook actually has a really great app. It's called Facebook ads. And as you can see here, I'm on my, my testing account. I don't have any current ads running or any campaigns running, but you're able to see them down here below where if you are running your campaign, you can go ahead and see it and then turn it off here. So, I hope that helped. If you can, you need one-on-one help with Facebook ads or Instagram ads hop on, just hop on at hops at, to work with a live expert today. Have a great day guys. Thanks.


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