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How Do I Change The Landing Page While The Campaign Is Running Without Affecting The Results?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. The question I'm looking at here is how do I change the landing page while a campaign is running without affecting the results? So, this is for Google ads. Let's address the back end of the question. First, the short answer is you can't. And by that, I mean, you can't change the landing page without affecting the campaign in some small way. You're not going to break anything. And if it's actually a superior landing page to whatever you currently have and your campaign, then you could actually improve your results, but just an important disclaimer, for anybody wanting to change a landing page a while a campaign is live. I mean, it doesn't matter if you pause the campaign, keep it running. If you're changing landing pages it's going to affect your metrics. So just keep that in mind now, how do you go about doing that? Assuming you do want to move ahead would change the landing page. There are two ways the first way to change a landing page is, and you can, you can see them inside of Google ads. I'm going to the ads tab. I'm going to click this little pencil icon if next to this particular ad. And let's say, I only want to change the landing page for this one ad right here at the top. You can see us as the final URL. This demo account is focused on hops. So, I've just got the landing page as So, I can change it right there. If I wanted to let's look at a second way to do this, and I will actually implement the change with the second method here. So, say you wanted to do multiple ads at once. You can do this little box right here on the far left. It ticks all the boxes. These for the two ads that are in this table, I'm gonna hit edit change ads. And I'm actually going to snag a different URL from Hopps website and plug it in here. You can see it's not just the home page. It's how it works. Page, just hit apply and that changed it. You can see I've got this column here for the final URL, and it's now the how it works URL. So that's where these ads will now go. All right. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions about Google ads and you want to work one-on-one with an expert, please go to today and get started. Thank you very much.


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