How Do I Create A Demo Google Ads Account?


Hopps Team

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Hi there And welcome to Hopps. My name is Ken. I'm an expert by the Hopps staff. In my specific areas of specialty include Google ads and Google analytics. With that being said in this video today, I'm going to walk you through how to create it. Google ads demo account. The first step before this video was I created a generic Gmail account that's free. And then I typed in,, or type in Google ads and do a Google search bar. Now, usually I use Google Chrome as a best practice for when I use Google Analytics or Google ads. The next step, once I'm here and you see a similar screen, is to click on the blue start now button. And what I've done with that blue button is this taking me to this screen. So it will create a smart campaign for you. And usually, because I'm an expert in the field, I switched to expert mode, which allows me some more freedom in this area. If you're looking to run Google ads or Google analytics, contact a Hopps certified expert today


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