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How Do I Create Facebook Ads For Lead Generation?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I create a Facebook ad for lead generation? So for this example, I have a lead generation campaign set up. Don't mind all the errors, that's this on that level. Um, so right now I have a lead generation campaign set up, so we'll go ahead and focus on the ads set level. Right? Let's see that you went ahead and did all this, right. And now you're on the ad level. Okay. So now a lead generation objective for the campaign. The main purpose for this is to obviously gather leads, but let's say that your main intent is more so to gather people's information to maybe cause you to offer a service instead of a product where you need someone's information to give them a call or to email them or whatever you need. This is, a really great tool to use. So on the ad level, we'll scroll down. Let's say that you have all this filled out and like the ad is looking good. The campaign's looking good now, uh, for lead generation to have it on Facebook, which is what I always prefer is just keep it within the same platform always. And so if you can create a form on Facebook, that's the best route. So we'll, we'll do that by going to instant form by throwing down and going to create form, I'll call this one, a test form. So now this form is what people will see when they opt-in or when they see your ad and clicked that next or that call to action button. So your form type can be higher intent, more volumes. So let's say I want more, more volume intro. Then I go to go to the questions, right? I can have an image in the back and use that image. I can do a quick headline, um, texts, and I can go through the questions here's where you'll get their information based off what you need, which is their name. Uh, of course, email, if you need it, phone number, address, whatever you need. Always, uh, when doing these forms always keep in mind that the less, that they got to fill out the better, the less that they have to move around the better. So the quicker that you can get them to their endpoint and where you want them, uh, initially, or at all in general, um, is the better. So the less that they got to fill out great. But another key thing about Facebook lead generation forms is that um, a lot of it's already auto-filled based on the information that they provided by Facebook. So it could mean that by 10, by the time that they hit your form, their name could be in their email, create already in their, their, uh, phone number, for example, or whatever else they are opted into to provide. So I hope that helped you guys, if you need any one-on-one help with Facebook ads, just hop on to work with a live expert today, have a great day. You guys, thanks.


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