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How Do I Customize My Page Layouts?


Hopps Team

Welcome to Hopps help where we answered questions in two minutes. Today's question is how can I customize my page layouts? So first we're going to go to pages, add new. Now, one way to customize the layout is actually customizing the content layout and that's done with blocks. So, if we add a new block, we can add a paragraph shortcode image, whatever we'd like, that all that is determined by when you add that to the page, or if you drag and drop different things. So that's one block. Now we have another block here for the shortcode. I'm not actually going to add a short code, but I want to drag and drop this to the top. Oops. That didn't work so well. Let's do it off of this guy. We'll drag and drop this to the bottom here. And now the text is under the shortcode. So that's how you customize the layout for the actual page content. Now, if you're looking for customizing things such as, and I'm just going to ignore the work we did here, I'll just go to the homepage and click on hello world. Now with this, you have the header you have that may have a comment and things of that nature, all of that is determined by your theme. So, you can use your you'll need to edit your, your use, your theme to edit its content, or you have widgets sometimes where you can just go and drag and drop your widgets into different locations, such as with this theme, footer. And that's how you customize your page layout in WordPress. If you need one-on-one assistance with a WordPress expert, hop on it, today.


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