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How Do I Customize Prices And Quantity Features Per Product (Sell Individually And In Packages)?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps, and I'd like to walk you through basically how you can individually edit your prices and your quantity, individual products, and make everything kind of streamlined like that. So a lot of people don't know that in Shopify, you have the option to do what's called bulk editing. So all you gotta do is go to products and you can edit whatever product you want in this bulk edit section. So for this, I'm just going to go to you have, while you have these other, you have these filter options for this particular thing, I'm going to go to more filters and I'm going to select either a vendor or I'm going to select a product type to edit. Okay. Let's use the air purifiers, excuse me. Let's do air purifiers as an example. All right. So here's a bunch of air purifiers. Let's select them all one click edit products. And from here we have the option to move fields around and we have the option to edit these fields. Okay. So I'm going to X out skew. I'm going to keep the prices. I'm going to add inventory quantity. And so you'll have the option to here individually change set prices for every single option. So my compare price obviously is this is the price that makes it look like it's the on sale. The price is the actual price that you want to have listed. So people purchase it at that price. And then you can also just change your quantity. Now, if you want it to both of these, if you're on a PC, there's a cool little trick where you can do control, shift, and down, and then you can simply change the price and all of those at once, right? Or you can, and you can start that, that same thing as can, that same trick can be done for every single one of these as far as prices are concerned. So you can call, you can do all of these and then you can simply change it and then edit. You can also use the field to add more options. If you don't have the track quantity turned on to you, let me give you an example. So track Shopify tracks, quantity products, want inventory. If you have this on don't track, what's going to happen is you won't be able to have the option to have inventory for that product. See how that 21 went away. So if we turn that on, then we will have the option to then edit that particular product at that price at that inventory quantity. So I hope this answers your question. You can use the bulk editor to do a lot of different things but there's some particular, so there you go.


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