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How Do I Define A "Lead"?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer common questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I define a lead? This is a great question. And I'm going to tackle it from two different angles. One from an e-commerce perspective and the second one from a lead generation perspective. Cause I see them a little bit differently. So, I'm gonna go ahead and bring over this three-step funnel, which I'm sure you've seen before it is awareness consideration, or I call it interest and then conversion. So a basic three-step funnel. So, from the first one, as I said, from an e-commerce point of view, starting from the top awareness, let's say that I throw a testing campaign out there to an audience I'm just testing and I get some engagement back. I get some comments, some likes, some shares too, at that point, do I consider them a lead? I do not specifically because I don't have any data built off of them yet. I can't do anything besides some organic reach and organic comments, which is fine too. Of course. Now moving one step down from an e-commerce perspective, going into the interest or consideration part of it. Now they, now they see the ad. They comment, they tag two friends. Now they press the call-to-action button, which is the shop now button. For this example, they hit my website. They scroll through the page. They view content. They look around right now. Do I, do I consider that a lead 100%? Yes. Because at some point I got some data off of them or now if I run a remarketing campaign, let's say that I want to target everyone who viewed my content for the last 30 days. That will be included in there as well. So yes, so that I do consider somewhat of a lead. Now, is it a full-blown purchase at that point? No, but to me, it is still lead and it's still 100% valuable to my business. Moving down one more. This person landed there. Now they like the shirt for this example and they bought it. That is a conversion right there, which is great. That is definitely a leader, I guess, at that point, but it's more of close action. So moving on to the second point of view, which is a lead generation point of view. So this example, let's say I'm a pizza shop that runs an awareness campaign for everyone in my local city, because I'm doing 50% off my, on my pizza. For example, I get some organic engagement, right? Of course like, Oh, this piece is so great. Awesome. Great. Do I consider that a lead from a Legion, a lead generation point of view? No, just like I said earlier, organic reach, organic comments, moving, be down one more to consider. Do I consider this one, a lead? They hit that ad. They hit that call-to-action button. They are on my website. They are looking through it and they bounce off. Right? No, at that point I don't consider them my lead. I got some data off of them. Of course. So, if I do run a marketing campaign then yes, of course. But do I consider them a lead from that point of view? No, moving down one more step. Let's say that they didn't get off and they went ahead and put their information. Great. Now that is a lead. So, I hope that helped it isn't even one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads hop on to work with a live expert today. Have a great day.


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