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How Do I Delete More Than 500k Unattached Images From The Media Library?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. The question today is how do I delete more than 500,000 unattached images from the media library? So, we're going to use WP optimize, or let me point out to mice. There's another plugin called doctor my, or I talked to mice, but anyways, so we're going to use WP optimized, make sure it's spelled just like that, install that right. And activate it. And then we're going to go ahead and optimize. So, one of the things that it does is it gets rid of orphaned, clean orphan relationship, data, clean comment, metadata post-market data. It cleans a lot of stuff. And one of the things that it stated in its, and this is how you purge everything by the way. So, per purge, everything that that's no longer pre-everything that's orphaned, meaning it's not attached to anything as long as you select it. Okay. So, getting back to this, we have the view, TJ details, and I'll do a search here. So, we have orphaned deleting, unused and unwanted images refer to Remo’s orphaned images from your WordPress site plus images that are certain predefined size. So, if you don't find that size, you don't need to define that size. It won't touch those. You can just do orphaned images and that's how you get rid of it. So, it's right from this screen, but there's a lot that it can do and I'm not going to go over every setting, but just select the ones that you want it to do. And it'll take care of the rest for you. And there are just settings and other stuff that you can work with as well. So, okay. So if you'd like one-on-one assistance from a WordPress expert, hop on it, today.


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