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How Do I Display Yelp Or Google Reviews For My Restaurant Directory Website?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps, help where we answer questions in minutes. Today's question is how do I display Yelp or Google reviews for my website or my restaurant directory website? So, you want it and a new plugin. So, if you search for Google reviews, you'll get a bunch of Google review widgets, such as this guy right here. You can also type the Yelp annual well, of course, get the Yelp review, widgets and whatnot. Oh, this is all this one. Since it's here and you can click settings and then configure your settings for Yelp, including the API key for your Yelp account, your short coat is where you're. Yeah, first you'd have to go and put the API key in here, but then it's going to show you your shortcode and whatnot. And that just goes on the page that you want to display all the reviews on. And then of course just support and advanced and whatnot, but pretty simple process. So, if you like assistance from one-on-one assistance from a WordPress expert, hop on it today.


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