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How Do I Duplicate A Page In Wordpress?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answered questions in two minutes. Today's question is how do I duplicate a page in WordPress? So, you need to install a plugin to do that. And there's, there's a number of different duplicate post plugins. So, we'll just install this one since it's the first on the list, activate that. And we'll go to posts, notice that we have this clone. And also, if we go to pages, we have closed so we can duplicate both posts and pages. So, the question was to duplicate a page. So, let's stick with that duplicate this ti this test page. So, clone that. And now if we look down here, we have a test dash draft. So, it's going to be the exact same thing. Only. It's going to be in a new post so that you can edit the draft and work with it as you usually would. Okay. So that's how you duplicate a post in or a page in post for that matter. And we're pressed. If you like one-on-one assistance from a WordPress expert, hop on it Hopps at today.


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