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How Do I Edit Or Customize The Message In The "View Your Order" Page?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help. We're trying to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question we're answering today is how do I edit or customize the message on the view order page? Okay. So, this is pretty easy, but it's a little tucked away. We're going to want to go to online store themes, which will be automatically selected. And we're going to want to select the theme that we want to change the message on the few, your order page. So that's likely going to be your live theme, the one that's actually on your website right now, and then we're going to want to click actions and then edit languages. Yeah. And this is going to allow us this page is going to allow us to edit the language of a lot of different stuff on our website. If we go all the way to the right, we can find checkout and system <inaudible> And there was a lot on this page, but if we go about halfway down or a little bit halfway past, halfway down, we're going to find checkout. Thank you. And now these are all and all the default texts that Shopify gives us on our thank you page. And we can edit any single one of these. So, for example, if we want to change the return to store link label from continuing shopping, which is the default label in gray, we can just make it go back to a store. Now, when we hit save, it's going to copy that when we hit save, that will be live on our thank you page. And to remove that, we're just going to go back there. I'm just going to do a control F to get me back to this tax, and then I'm going to delete it. And our default text is back again. And if we just hit save one more time at the top of the page, it'll all go back to how it was before.


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