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How Do I Edit The "Max. CPC" Of Google Ads Keywords?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. The question I've got in front of me here is how do I edit the Mac CPC of Google ads keywords? So obviously Google ads related. There are two ways that you can go about doing this. It depends on if you want to bulk edit or edit individual keywords. So, I actually was playing with this a little bit just before I recorded this video. I'm inside of a demo account inside a demo campaign. Here are these demo keywords that are related to hop services. So, if you wanted to edit just one of the max CPC bid amounts for just one keyword. So, let's say startup marketing, just go to edit the little pencil tool, and then yeah, you can make this whatever you want. So, let's just say whoops, let's say I wanted to go more aggressive with this bid. Let's make it 10 bucks. Just save. It's going to save. That's how you do an individual keyword CBC change. Now, if you wanted to edit all these, once you come over here to the left side of this table, you're going to click all the boxes. So the box at the top, it's going to select everything for you. Just hit, add it, change max CPC bids. And now you've got a cup, a couple of options with how you do this. If you wanted to just manually choose what the bid was that you wanted to do for all the key routes that you've selected. That's fine. You can do that. Put that number in this field here, and then hit apply. You could also increase or decrease by percentages, and then you could also let Google help you pick the new CPC level based on if you want to be on the first page at the top of the first page. But if you want to just set the bit about yourself. So, you've selected multiple keywords here. In this case, I did everything in this demo ad group and hit apply. All right? And you can see a change, everything to 11, which is what I asked it to do. Well, that's it? Hope this helps. If you have any other questions related to Google ads or other platforms like that, please go to to work one-on-one with an expert. Thank you.


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