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How Do I Efficiently Set Up A Shopify Store For A Single Product With Color Variations?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps. And today we're going to talk about basically creating a website that is for one singular product. This is kind of an easy answer, but really this boils down to selecting the correct theme. So, I'm going to show you a theme that I, I actually was hired to create for a client that is selling one singular product. And it's really about, you know, finding that, that particular theme. So, if you go to, if you go to, this is the theme store within Shopify, and you have many different themes to choose from. There is a free version of a free option within Shopify for a one-product selection for your store. However, I would highly recommend that you buy a theme from Shopify. Their themes are $180 and you'll be able to use that. And so, my recommendation is to go with a theme called impulse, and we're going to go over to that theme right here. And I'll show you the one that I was that designed calls. All right. So here's the impulse theme and you will see here that there are three different options. The option that I designed for the singular product that I was hired for is called bold. And here's that website here, and this is this again is focused on one singular item. And within this, you'll see that it's very, very easy to work with a lot of customization options, different things to go with. And you will see here that there are options for a color switch, so you can have the colors. So how to do the color switch here is you simply want to upload the product to Shopify. And then once you are in that space, you will go in once you're in that space and you upload the product itself, you're going to want to select variant options, and then you can add different variants. Okay. And then you'll be able to manicure those variants, however, you choose. And then those color options will then show up on the website itself. Okay. So really one product is just more so and, a breakdown of how you would like to utilize a certain theme. And again, as I mentioned, there are other themes within Shopify that are free, but they're not necessarily going to look this good, and you kind of get what you pay for. So, I'd highly recommend you go with the impulse theme. There's a lot of image options within that theme. And then you'll be able to really highlight that one singular product. All right. This has been Theo from Hopps and hope this helps.


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