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How Do I Exclude Users Who Access Facebook Via Mobile Browser From Facebook Ads?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help we answer your questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I exclude users who access Facebook via mobile browser from Facebook ads? Right. Great question. So we'll go ahead and start off on the ad set level. So if you're creating your ad for your campaign for the first time, you'll go to you'll go ahead and press create, and then you'll go in and go to the campaign level first, fill it out and then take you. It'll take you to the ad set level, which will look something like this. You'll see the asset name up at the top, right? So once you're here, this essentially means that all these ads that are housed under this ad set are going to be in the criteria of what I place here on this asset. Number one, for example, right? So I'm going to go in and scroll down to placements. And as you can see here, I have two options. I have automatic placements, which they recommend at that is essentially them placing your ads to where they think you'll get the best ROI from, or the one I always suggest is manual placements. As you have a better handle, excuse me, to configure your placements that you have and have a better grasp on what's giving you a better ROI. Anyways. So from here, we have a devices section that's kind of hidden. You'll probably see a little edit button here on the right, so you'll press edit and then you'll see a dropdown. That's either mobile or desktop. So if I uncheck one, that means I'm excluding it from the audience I'm going to target. So if I uncheck mobile, I'm now not going to target mobile. I'm only targeting desktop, right? So that's how you are able to exclude mobile now to see people on Facebook. For example, I can go ahead and uncheck Facebook as a platform, which you can see now that all Facebook is unchecked, right? So now if I want to go ahead and just do a single Facebook placement, like let's say, I want to do a newsfeed. I can still go ahead and check that, which will then check Facebook back. But then as you can see here, not every single Facebook is checked, so we're still good. A good to go. So I hope that helped if you had any one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram ads, hop on to work with a live expert today, have a great day.


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