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How Do I Find The Queries That People Make In My Store, I.e. The Search Bar In My Store?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps. And today we're going to talk about how people can find the queries that go into the search bars of a website. There are multiple ways to kind of do this. There are two ways that I specifically do it, and we can talk about those two ways. Let's talk about method number one, and this isn't necessarily directly this answer, but well, we'll talk about this in a certain manner. There's an app called to talk to that I use, and it is a chat widget, and it's a free chat widget that you can use both on your desktop and on your mobile to see what people are. Excuse me, it's a way for you to chat directly on your website. So, this is one of my personal websites, and you'll see here that there's going to be a chat widget on the bottom right-hand corner that pops up here. It is right here. It's not on, but what I'm going to do really quick now on, this video is log in to talk to right now and you will see once I'm logged in and it's open, you'll see that it is available for people to it'll automatically make that website able to have chats accepted. Okay. Now the cool thing about talking to you, and the reason why I'm bringing it up is that you can also see where people are visiting your website from, and then you can also see what people are doing on your website. Okay. Now, again, as I mentioned, this is one of two that I'm going to show. So now that this is open, let me just hop over to my website and you'll see here now that I am on the desktop app, you'll see that the ability to chat is now open, right? We are here. Okay. So that means that is live. And then I believe what's going to happen is there's going to be an automated message. That's going to pop up and someone will have the ability to chat with me. Okay. So, we're just going to refresh this here and you'll see here that we will have the ability to view real-time people that are on the site. So this person right here, this is a real person from this part of the United States right there on the site. And they received the automated message from us. So now what can happen is with this free chat widget, I will be able to see every single page they go on the website, including what they type into the website in the search section to see what they're doing. Okay. It's a very, very cool way to basically track and follow what people are doing and you don't have to be visible on the site. If I were to go invisible, that is going to make my chat widget go away and you'll see here, boom just went away. You don't have the option here to chat with me anymore. And, but I can still see what people are doing. Okay. And actually, this one is here. This is 24 visits. That's actually me. Yeah, that's actually me. So really, really cool stuff. Okay. And then you have the ability to have multiple properties inside of talk too. So here's another store that I own. And someone else is currently visiting from Atlanta the last time were, they were, visited the site was 20 hours ago and they came back and now they're visiting again. So again, if I were to just keep an eye on this, I'd be able to see what they type into the website, what they're searching for, how they came to the site, et cetera. Okay. That's a thing. Number one thing. Number two, there's another option that you can use. There's an app called vitals. Let's go to the app store, just type that is quick. Okay. So, if you go to vitals within the app store, it is an all-inclusive app that has a ton of different features in it. One of the main features it does is it allows for you to watch what people are doing on your website, what they search, what they type, etc. So those are my two methods. Talk to free app vitals. Another one you can look into those two apps to kind of search and see what people type into your, your bar as far as what they're looking for. And also follow them directly through talking to, alright, this has been felt from Hopps and the hope this helps. Thanks.


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