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How Do I Fix A Disapproved Ad?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps. My name's Ken. I'm a certified and vetted expert in the areas of Google ads and Google analytics. I'm going to talk to you a little bit today about if you have disapproved ads, how you can hopefully try to troubleshoot a little bit of that, and try to get that reapproved through the policy manager. So with that being said, we're going to dive in here just really briefly when you're looking to see kind of what's disapproved and you're looking for help, you can actually contact customer support. And because of COVID-19, the phone support for Google ads has been very limited. And so they kind of make you go through either a live chat process or an email process to kind of get things situated. They've also come out with a policy manager area. So what's been really great is that you've actually been able to see if there's something that's disapproved, what that might be and how to overcome that. So obviously, because this is a test campaign, we don't have anything set up currently that is either approved or disapproved, but if it was, it would show up in this particular area, if you have questions or you're having issues, troubleshooting your Google ads account, feel free to book a consultation with one of our experts today at Hopps


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