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How Do I Get Started With Google Display Campaign?


Hopps Team

Hey there, welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked digital marketing questions in about two minutes. The question I've got right here in front of me is how do I get started with a Google display campaign? All right. So, Google display. So, we're inside of Google ads. I'm just in a demo account here, I'm under campaigns. And from this particular tab, all I need to do actually is click this blue button over here on the left new campaign. So, there are a couple of different goals that you can choose from that are good options for display was just assume for our purposes right now that, that we're going for brand awareness and reach. So that's the bottom left here. I mean, you could also do website traffic or even sales or leads. Let's just do brand awareness and reach and you can see it gives you a more specific campaign type option. So, you've, you've got the choice between display and video. So, we're going to do a display. You would put your website right here. I'm going to go ahead and skip that part. Okay. So now this is sort of the main section of the campaign build process. You're going to choose targeting options. You can see there are, here's the section for geographic targeting here's language, targeting the type of bidding strategy, your budget right here. So, there are a lot of different things that you're going to want to fill in. You've got date range stuff. A lot of this is going to depend on what you're trying to achieve. So not realistic to try to address all these different sections in, two minutes for the purposes of this video, I just said, at least wanted to get, get you this far, but I do want to point out one other thing. That's pretty important. If you are going to create a display campaign at the very bottom here. So, I've scrolled all the way down. You're going to see the section that asks you to create ads. I'm going to click the new ad and you See you, you basically need to already have display assets ready to go. So definitely keep that in mind, right? So, you can upload existing display ads. You can copy, you can also build these responsive display ads, which are one of the more recently released features from Google. So, you can upload different assets, images, logos. You can even do video. You can include different headline description text, but definitely keep the image assets aspect in mind. When you, when you get ready to build a campaign. So that's, that's all I wanted to the walkthrough for the purposes of this particular video and explaining how to get started with it, just with the display campaign. If you have additional questions about Google ads and would love to speak to, a person one-on-one really kind of dive deep, then go to today. Thank you.


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