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How Do I Improve The "Quality" Of Leads Coming From Google Ads?


Hopps Team

Hi, and welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer all of your frequently asked questions in under two minutes today, we're going to talk about how to get better quality leads from Google ads? So, to get better quality leads, one, needs to make sure that you have conversion tracking set up. So, if you go under conversions and you're able to track leads. So, I have some for-book appointments, people subscribing to emails people clicking to call. So, calls, emails, all of that are considered leads. But how do you make sure that they're of better quality? The best way is to ask the client, or if you are the client yourself and you don't feel your leads are the best. The first place to go is under demographics. Look at age. So for instance, with me, I know that 18 to 24 year old typically are not good quality leads. So you could go and exclude that age from the ad group to make sure that you're not showing to people too young or too old. Another good one to exclude is household income. So, you need to make sure that you're not in a band category, such as housing or credit where you can't do this, but if you can, you can exclude for me lower household income, because I want higher-income people. I want people who are able to pay. So that's where I exclude lower incomes to make sure my ads are showing to higher-quality people. Another way is based on keywords. So, if you want to make sure that your keywords are the highest intent. So, for instance, if you're a high service, you might want to go under tools and settings and under a negative keyword list, block keywords, such as cheap, inexpensive, low cost. You get the idea so you can exclude these keywords and keep them as relevant as possible. So, thank you for taking the time today. If you'd want more, one-on-one help on Google ads. Go to


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