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How Do I Integrate Pinterest With Shopify?


Hopps Team

Hey, this is Hopps help. I just wanted to answer the question about how to integrate Pinterest with your Shopify account? So there are two ways you can do this. The main way is to create a sales channel. So what you're going to want to do is just log into your Shopify account and then go to the sales channel option and then add Pinterest. Okay. And then I'm actually going to add Pinterest to this one right now. All right. And so we're just going to add it, and it's going to prompt you to integrate right away at the sales channel, and then you'll be able to log in to your Pinterest account through the sales channel. So you'll click connect and then you'll log in that way. Okay. And then what's going to happen is you should have the ability to then sync your products into the Pinterest account. Okay. Now, another thing you can do is embed a Pinterest feed on your website. So I'm going to go to apps, go to the app store type in Pinterest feed, and you'll use this app right here, Pinterest feed, or a couple of different Pinterest options for you to simply use. And then what we'll, what we'll do is you'll have the option to them post your Pinterest feed, like on the homepage of your website. Here's an example, really cool things you can do with that. That should have an example directly on a website. Yeah. It looks like they can post some boards directly to a website. So yeah, it's really, really cool. Good things you can do. But the sales channel is probably the best way to do, to do your integration basically just means you'll be able to sync your products from Shopify into Pinterest. All right. Thanks.


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