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How Do I Invoice Customized Items More Efficiently?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Phil from Hopps help and today we're going to be talking about how you can invoice more efficiently and then Hopps help. We try to answer questions within two to three minutes. So to answer your question about how to invoice more efficiently, more effectively to answer it directly, unfortunately, there is not really a way to automate this process. You cannot automate sending out emails, sending out invoices from Shopify, however in order to send an invoice from Shopify, what you're going to want to do is go-to orders. And then once you're in orders, now you're going to want to go to drafts. And then once you're in drafts, you'll have the option to then send an invoice. So what you're going to do is then create an invoice and then you can choose the product name, the collection name, et cetera, and then just simply choose the product you want to add to the invoice and then add a discount at shipping that kind of thing. And then and then you'll be able to make sure that the price is exactly what you've agreed upon, what the, what the customer, and then you can click send an invoice and what's going to happen is you'll have the option to then send it to that particular customer with a nice message and change the subject, email it that way, a blank, copy yourself on the email. You can even choose where or who the emails being sent from and et cetera, but that's, there is not a way to automate this process. And the reason why is because there are so many different variables, Shopify just wants to make sure that everything is packed to the customer's liking. And on top of that, you also have the option to pay via credit card, Well, on the phone. So for example, if you are taking a phone call from a customer, you can manually type in that particular credit card there as well. All right. So this has been Theo from Hopps help, hope this was helpful. Head over to If you'd like to speak to an expert directly about any questions you might have, and I hope this was helpful. Thanks.


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