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How Do I Keep Different Accounts Separate? (But Still Be Able To Switch Accounts Easily).


Hopps Team

Hey guys, welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer your commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how to keep different Instagram accounts separate? but still, be able to switch between them pretty easily. Okay. So, we'll go ahead and hop on Instagram. And as you can see, I have testing account five 69 logged in. So, to make it super simple, you want to make sure that you're logged in and you'll want to go ahead and click on the testing account five, six mines,s or the username of your account, which you can see here. I don't have another account, but Instagram just gives me two options. And so, I can go ahead and create a new account using a whole new one, use your name with the same login I have, or if I want to go ahead and create another account. So, let's say I want to keep it completely separate from what I have here. Now, for example, with a whole new email address and password, I can go ahead and press here, create a new account, which I can create that way. Or if I already have one, I can go ahead and log into it using the same exact method. And then once you have it logged in and you're logged into both accounts, use the same method. And then now you're able to see your profile logged in there and then you're all set. So, I hope that helped if you need any one-on-one help with Facebook or Instagram, just make sure to hop on to work with a live expert today.


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