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How Do I Know If A Google Ads Keyword Has A High Or Low Volume?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. I'm looking at a question here and it reads, how do I know if a Google ads keyword has a high or low volume of searches? So that's a good question. And definitely, one that seems to lend itself to keyword research. So maybe you're you haven't built a campaign yet, or you want to add more keywords to your campaign? Definitely. An important question to ask, is it high volume or low volume or somewhere in between? So inside of Google ads, I got to this screen by clicking on tools and settings, and I came to the keyword planner. So definitely remember this tool and it's pretty simple to use. I've gone ahead and plugged in a couple of potential keywords that make sense for a company like Hopps, if they wanted to do paid search advertising. So I'm inside of a demo account just to clarify. And here are the three keywords that, you know, let's pretend, I mean, I don't know anything about them. Do a lot of people use these terms, do they not? You know, I want Google ads to tell me what kind of data it has on search volume for these things. So, I plug them in and you could add up to 10, I believe at a time you hit get results. And then this is the table that the keyword planner produces. It's pretty awesome. It gives you not just the keywords that I asked about, but it has given me a lot of others, you can see PPC management company, local, online marketing. I mean, the list goes on and on, and it gives me things like the CPC and kind of a general rating on the competition. But most importantly, when it comes to answering, comes to answering the question at hand search volume, is it high? Is it low? This is a column you want to look at average, monthly searches, average, monthly searches. So, you can see it gives you ranges. And yeah, I can let you know. I mean, is it just between a hundred searches and then a thousand? Or is it, is it way more than that? The last couple of things I'll note here are you can change the date range that Google looks at when it produces an average monthly volume number. And you can also reduce from, you know, an entire country like the United States down to specific States and cities if you so choose. All right. So, I hope that helps with the keyword research. If you are interested in working with an expert, one-on-one on Google ads on some other platforms like that, please go to and chat with a live expert today. Thank you.


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