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How Do I Know Where The Traffic To My Store Came From?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps help where we try to answer your questions in two to three minutes. Today's question is about how you can view where the traffic came from on your site? I'm going to talk about this in two parts live view versus nonlive view. Okay. So first off, let's talk about live view quick. So as you can see right now, this is a live view of one of my sites. And you can see that there's someone in Texas right now on the site. Okay, cool. That's really great. So you can go to the analytics portion of Shopify, go to live view, excuse me. And you can actually see what people are doing on your site when traffic comes through. However, this system is good, but it's a little, it's little lagged I like to use it sometimes if I want to just kind of see what's really happening on my site as I like to go to the chat widget called to talk to, so I have a chat widget that I use on all of my websites. It's a free chat widget. It's called talk to it's a great app. And you can see here, here's that person right now. Is it that much? It looks like they're not on the site anymore. So this is actually a perfect example. What I meant by it by a Shopify system, being a little lag, you can see here that the still there. However, when I go to talk to it looks like there's nobody here any more. And the reason for that is because talk to us a little bit faster to pick up who is on the site. And when, so to give you a better example, if I head over to another browser and go to that exact store right now, talk to, who's going to pick it up immediately. So let's see here. So come to Refresh the page a little bit. There it is. So, there's me looking at my own site even says where I am, which is St. Paul, Minnesota. And you'll see that that particular browser has been at that site three times. And it's a really fast, easy way to kind of view what's happening on your site live. All right. So another way to view how where people have come from, if you go to the analytics page and then go to dashboards on in Shopify, you'll be able to mix and match timelines and different, different time periods on your site to view not only who's visited your site when they visited and where they visited, but also different numbers within your site as well. So I'm gonna show you here where you can go. Let's see, once this gift caught up here, here we go. Shit lock-in okay. So now that we're here and I'm on my analytics dashboard, we can go to one of these cards down here and we can see where some of the traffic's coming from. So I have well over 7,500 people coming from the United States to this particular website. And you can see some other, other towns as well. You can also click the view more in-depth report to look at that a little bit, little bit deeper understanding as to what's happening with your site. And that works well, another great thing you can do is you can also go to, let's say have you go over to orders and enter orders? You can also see where an order came from. So like the type of conversion traffic that happened on that particular site too. So to give you an example, I'll go to this order right here, and you'll see, on the bottom right-hand side, this item was found on So that is a, one of the search engines that are out there. So you can also, you know, I get a lot of orders from Google it. If you look at the conversion summary, it will tell you where that order came from. All right, this has been Theo from Hopps help. I hope this was helpful. Please head over to If you have any questions and look for an expert and they'll be able to help you out, I hope this was helpful. Thanks.


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