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How Do I Make Dark Facebook Posts On Your Page For The Sole Purpose Of Posting Ads?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help the question we're going to answer today is how do I make a dark post on Facebook, solely for advertising? Right? So how do I make a dark post? Just to advertise on Facebook? So, let's go ahead and walk you through this. Go to Okay. And you'll have your ads manager go to the bottom, left where it says business settings, and click that. Give It a second to load. Then you're going to go to pages and you're going to go to the view page at the top right Now, you're going to be taken to your Facebook business page. Okay. Where you can make a post. Go ahead, create a post, right? Write your post out anything you want to say, your ad, your video, your photo, whatever. Go ahead and create the post. Once you create the post, you're now going to go create an app., Okay? So, let's get out of this real quick. And let me just show you how this will look. So, go to Facebook, create a new ad, right? And it's going to look like this. Great. The ad. You're going to have to pick your campaign. Objective, go through, pick your campaign. Objective, go to your ad, set, choose your targeting. Choose your budget, choose your location. Choose your age, choose all the stuff you want. Right? None of this is too important for this video, but set it up the way you want. Then click on next, then go to your now this part is very important. Put in your ad name, choose the Facebook page you want to go to, but you want to go to ad set up right here and click this little dropdown box that says use existing post what's going to happen is when you use an existing post when you click that, you're going to be able to choose all the posts on your Facebook page that you have created. Click-use existing posts, click on the page on the posts you just made, and then go ahead and publish the ad. And that is how you publish a dark post for advertising. So, I hope that helps if you need help with a Facebook ad specialist, just hop on to work with a live expert today.


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