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How Do I Make Youtube Traffic Campaigns?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in about two minutes. My name is Ross. So, the question we are going to address is how does one make a YouTube traffic campaign? So that's a good question. YouTube is great for driving traffic among other things. So, I'm inside of Google ads as y'all can see I'm in the detailed view, I'm actually just going to click this button right here in front of me, a pretty straightforward new campaign with the plus sign on the left. So, then Google presents to you. Here are some goals that you can select from. So website traffic is definitely what we want to pick for a traffic-focused YouTube ad campaign, select a campaign type. So, we're going to do a video. And then I do have conversion tracking set up already inside of this demo account. So, nothing I need to do here, I'm going to hit continue. And I think the most important thing that you'll find here is Google has already selected some different elements of this campaign that are going to help you focus on driving traffic. It's driving traffic slash driving conversions on your website. So, you can see here, the type of video campaign, the goal is website traffic, and then there's this subtype of driving conversions. So there are a lot of options that you can select from inside of here related to targeting and budgets. These can, you know, you're going to, you're going to select different options based on what you want to do. I'm not going to go through all these things here for this particular video. It would make the video too long. But one thing I will note at the very bottom here. So, when you select and I'm actually going to just use a placeholder video from another Hopps expert, that's available on YouTube. So basically, you're going to plug in at the very bottom of this campaign creation menu here, I've come to the bottom. I've plugged in. I'm pretending this is my ad, right? You're going to want to make sure that you use a call to action. I just want to point that out so that you can fill in these fields for the call to action. That's actually going to help you drive traffic to your site. So that is essentially all there is to it. As far as creating a YouTube traffic campaign, hope this helps. And if you want more one-on-one type help, please go to to work with a live expert today. Thanks.


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