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How Do I Maximize The Advertising Investment Within My Monthly Budget?


Hopps Team

Hello and welcome to Hopps help, where we try to answer all your frequently asked questions in under two minutes, today I’m going to be answering how to get the most investment on your monthly google ads budget? so the most important thing is keywords and making sure that the keywords that you're paying for are the most relevant so under keywords I go under search terms and this is what somebody is actually searching for in google that is triggering your ads so typically I go through this on a daily basis and add and block keywords based on relevancy so for instance the keyword humanities and university do not make much sense so I’ve excluded this query specifically but then I also want to add some of these keywords as negatives to make sure that I don't show up for them again so for instance humanities and university are not things I want to show up for so then I add quotation marks to block them as a phrase so that way anyone who searches either of these keywords will never trigger one of my ads so that way they're blocked so that way I can make sure that keyword the keywords that are relevant show up more so if I like a keyword and say oh this is relevant I would do the same thing but add it as quotation marks and add it to the account so that way I’m bidding on it more another thing I like to do is continuously block or pause low performing keywords. So I set up a filter of high clicks no conversions and low time on-site and then I’m quickly able to pause low performing keywords so by adding keywords that are relevant blocking keywords that are irrelevant and pausing low-performing keywords you can continue to have the best performing account, thank you for watching this video and if you want more one-on-one help go to


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