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How Do I Notify Customers That A Product Is Backordered, In Stock Or Out Of Stock?


Hopps Team

Hi there. This is Theo from Hopps help we attempt to answer Shopify questions in two to three minutes or less. And today's question is about how to notify customers when an item is out of stock and or low stock? And this is a is an interesting question and really the there are two ways to go about it. There's one way that's pretty simple. And there's another way that you can, you can utilize yourself. So, I'm going to hop over to a story here quick that has an option to view a product description update. So the thing, number one you can do is just simply type in your update in your product description. And you can do that by simply going to the product descriptions of the item that you're selling. And then from there, you'll be able to go ahead and have that update available on your store for that particular product. However, of course, you would like to do this automatically as well, right? You want to have automatic updates. So the next thing you can do is you can also go to your app store and go to an app called merge. B's low stock alert and this is a really great Hab. What you can do here is you can have alerts be sent out for inventory for low stock. And even for items that have come back into stock for said customers, and they will be able to be alerted via email for their particular stock issues of the item they're looking for. So I highly recommend you go for this app. There are other apps as well that you can try out, but this is absolutely the best one. And I would highly recommend that you try this one. You can also search out of stock notifications and you will find various other options, but Merck bees are absolutely the best option. So this has been felt from half's help and I hope this answers your question. Thank you.


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