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How Do I Optimize Average Session Duration And Eliminate Irrelevant Traffic?


Hopps Team

Hi, and welcome to Hopps help where we try and answer all your frequently asked questions in less than two minutes. Today we're going to be going over how to eliminate low-quality keywords with low time on site and eliminate irrelevant keywords in general. So first, we want to make sure we look under tools and settings and then make sure that you are importing top site time on site. So if you go to LinkedIn accounts and then you go check on Google analytics and check on the account and make sure you're importing site metrics, then you'll be able to see your time on-site for all your keywords. So then if you go to the keywords tab, then you look at all the time, you could see your time on-site for keywords. So for landing pages, I try and look for time on site to be 30 seconds or more, and for full websites over 60 seconds. So then I pause keywords that have time on site, less than 30 seconds. If, if they're over, if they're a single landing page, so it doesn't look like there are any keywords here doesn't necessarily pause, but I could see that the term digital drew has an average of 125 seconds or more. So then what I could do is find other keywords that looked like that keyword and add those to the account so I can add them and I'd recommend adding them as phrase match keywords. So then you could put quotation marks and bid on other relevant terms, like the term that is performing really high. So if you're looking for any more help with Google ads, go to to work with a live expert today.


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