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How Do I Optimize My Facebook Campaign?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help where we answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how do I optimize my campaign? So I don't have the exact campaign that is mentioned in this question, but I did want to go over, what kind of strategies I use when you are trying to optimize your campaign, or when you're trying to scale your campaign and some of the main points that you just want to look out for. So like when the best time to do it. So for this example, I have my test campaign, which is obviously still in draft mode. Haven't run it. So I don't have any data to go off of, but I didn't kind of want to start off by going over some of the points that, you know, it all depends on what you're running and what you're doing. So this is best for the e-commerce type of strategy or trying to sell things online, where you can apply to this, a lot of this too, trying to build traffic to your front door, for example, or whatever it all is trying to do. But, just keep that in mind while we go through this. So, the biggest things that I want to touch on are obviously going to be budget purchases, within the amount of timeframe. So let's say I want to do it in the last 30 days, right? Or I'll even go this so far in this month, right? How I'm purchasing that purchases. I have worth they're derived from the website. Facebook definitely impressions. One of the bigger ones I always look out for is my CPM. Um, because obviously if that's too high, then I wanna make sure that I want to play the lower game. Cost per result, link clicks, outbound clicks, you know, knowing the difference between landing page view, content, view, website, content view, who's adding cart, who's initiating payments, and it kind of falling that funnel right, all the way up until the very end and more likely than not. You'll see the numbers become really big from impressions maybe to reach, but usually, impression is all the way down to, you know, add to cart or, completing a purchase. So always keeping track of where those numbers are from and then making the decisions based on the data and not jumping ticket to the conclusions. So that's kind of the numbers I look out for are the main KPIs, key performance indicators I look out for, also wanna touch on when to scale. So I learned in my time that you don't ever want to scale too much, too fast, obviously. So I always like to increase it by five, to maybe $10 a day, depending on what you're running on the campaign level. But like I said, it all really depends on what you're doing, but for a smaller budget, if you can afford the $5 extra day, if the ad's performing well, it's always worth extra spend to make sure that what you're doing is you're putting your money into the right pot. So I hope that helped, if you need more one-on-one help with Facebook ads or marketing, just hop on at to work with a live expert today. Have a great day. Thanks.


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