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How Do I Pause My Shopify Store?


Hopps Team

We are going to talk about how to pause your Shopify store. All right. So how to do this is to simply go to your Shopify account. And once you're in your Shopify account, if you can then scroll down to settings, and what you're going to do is go to plan and permissions. And once you're here, but you're going to want to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site. You're gonna want to go to pause and build, pause, or sell or close. Okay. Now if you're just looking to pause and not have any payments, then you'll want to do this pause. If you're looking to pause, restore, completely, have it not be visible, but you still want to build on it and edit things. Then you'll want to do the pause and build option selling your store is an option. If it goes into the exchange marketplace you can post it there and then hopefully you can get someone to buy it. That process can take a little bit of time, but you know, if you're just looking to simply pause, then you can do that option. All right. Well, this was Theo from Hopps and I hope this was helpful. Thanks.


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