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How Do I Pick The Right Keywords For My Business?(1)


Hopps Team

Hi there and welcome to Hopps. My name is Kennan. I'm a certified vetted expert by Hopps in the areas of Google ads and Google analytics. Today, we're going to talk about how your business can find keywords and why your business should target maybe specific keywords or phrases over other ones. So Google has a great feature that is called Google keyword planner. That actually allows you to get free historical data or forecasting data on particular services or products may be that you're trying to get sales or leads for. So this is our test account for hops. So I'm going to click on the wrench, icon that's tools and settings, and then open up keyword planner. So I have keyword planner open up in another tab already. When I click on to discover new keywords, I'm going to be able to type in up to 10 products or services or keywords and phrases that are relatable to what I want to try to target as well as change it to either language such as English or Spanish or areas to graphically book a consultation with one of our Hopps experts today to get more professional in-depth insight.


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