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How Do I Preview The Appearance Of A Facebook Ad In The News Feed?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help we're going to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. The question for today is how to preview the appearance of a Facebook ad in the news feed? So for this example, uh, as you can see, I'm on the ad level during my creation of this campaign, which is a test conversion campaign and I'm on that level. And I don't see anything. So right here on the top, right, you'll see a little check box. I guess you can call it where you can go ahead and enable the preview to be on, which then you can see. I have two, which are Instagram and Facebook feed. So I know that based on what I have here is this is how it will be flagged from people to scroll through it based on what platform or what likes service they are on now, how to change this habit, to be more places you'll want to go ahead and go to your ad set level, scroll down to placements. And here's where you can go ahead and take all the placements you'd like. Or if you like to go ahead and do automatic placements that have Facebook do it for you based on where they think it will best perform. And that is totally fine as well. Just do whatever you think is best for your business. And then from there, you're able to go ahead and then make any changes you need. So as you can see now, it's definitely more places like as in stories or as news feeds or even right side. So I hope that helped you guys. If you need any one-on-one help with Facebook ads, just hop on a to, work with live experts today, have a great day.


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