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How Do I Remove An Agency From The Role Of Commercial Manager ?


Hopps Team

Hey there. Welcome to Hopps help the question we're going to answer today is how do I remove an agency from the role of commercial manager or how do I move an agency from the manager role of my account? So, you're going to go ahead and log onto Facebook go to the business side of it, right? And you're going to go to your settings. So go to, load up the homepage, go to your settings, which will be indicated by the business settings at the bottom left. And you will appear on a page that's similar to this. Now, anytime you add an agency to your Facebook account, it's going to go under partners. Now we don't have any partners for my client's account. This is a direct log-in, so there are no partners that are here, but you will see all of the partners that are available to you on this screen. And you could easily just click on them and remove, click on a Murray mood. Okay. Same thing with the people it's going to look very similar to the people's screen. You're going to have you know, a column off to the left. That's going to show you all the people that you've added to your Facebook account, same with the partners. Okay. And you can easily just click on their name and remove it. And that is how you would remove an agency from your account. So I hope that helps if you have any additional questions about Facebook or Instagram ads, just hop on to work with a live expert today.


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