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How Do I Run A News Ticker On My Wordpress Website?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. Today's question is how do I run a news ticker on my WordPress website? So, if we searched for a news ticker, we see a lot of different news stickers that we can choose from. Well, this install, this one, did the news ticker, which was a multifunctional data display plugin. They say, so now we have news tickers, and right now we don't have anything added. So let's add a new one and this is the shortcode that's going to be used, for displaying it wherever you'd like it. If you'd like to use the PHP code instead, you can do that. And you have your ticker text or link and whatnot as well. And this one just seems to take in data from that you’re providing. So, let's say that you have a new product release coming up on April 10th now. So let's say April 15th and it's hot on Kickstarter or something. Do you know what I mean? So just something that's news for your site. Now, if you want multiple, if you want different news networks, news, tickers, such as with stocks or something of that nature, you're going to want to look for a stock ticker, or you don't want to look for a news ticker that will allow you to add in external sites. But this one is how you go in and create a news ticker for your own news. Okay. So, if you'd like one-on-one help with a WordPress expert, hop on today.


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