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How Do I See The Organic Traffic In A Specific Period Of Time?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes. My name is Frank, and the question we're answering today is how to see organic traffic in a specific period of time. In Google Analytics, you can see here that we're in the Google Analytics demo account, um, hosted with the Google merchandise store. Now I'm located in the home section. You could be anywhere in your Google Analytics account right now. What's going to be important to note that all of these different report options over here are collapsible. So if you have any of them open and it's making it difficult to see, just go ahead and collapse all of them except for acquisition, because this is the report that we want in order to see our organic traffic. Now there's a variety of different ways that we could do this, but I'm just going to show you one, that'll make it really easy. We'll select all traffic, and then we'll go to source mediums from source medium. This will give us a lot of granularity into what is organic and what is not. So after we get to our source medium report, we can actually go ahead and alter our date range ahead of time by clicking in the top right-hand corner and just selecting exactly what dates we want. I went ahead and selected the last two dates or the last two months from this particular date. Um, but you can say yours to whatever it is that you need from here. Um, we can actually just go to the search bar and we can actually type in organic. And if we do that, we will have automatically sorted all of the different organic search engines for us. And now we can see by the individual search engine, what our traffic is looking like over the last two months. Well, I hope this helped, and if you need any one-on-one help with Google analytics, just hop on to work with a live expert today.


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