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How Do I Set A Budget Limit On Google Ads?


Hopps Team

Hi there and welcome to Hopps. My name's Ken, I'm a certified expert by the hops team. And my specific areas of specialty are Google ads and Google analytics. And today we're going to talk about how do you adjust your daily budget within Google ads, as well as adjusting your keyword bids. If you're using some strategies such as manual CPC. So as you can see, this is our test account for hops. And so with that being said, this is our all campaigns overview and I've clicked on campaigns, which allows me to see all of my campaigns that are currently enabled. So the easiest way to actually change your daily budget is to click on the pencil icon and then actually type in whatever your budget might be. And the best part is that Google will actually tell you what your budget won't actually go over for that particular month. Now, if you wanted to change, for example, say the keywords within the enabled campaign. And again, since I only have one and I have a keyword, I can test that on this specific level, but you can also change it at the ad group level as well. If you're looking for experts to help with your Google ads, initiatives, or digital marketing book, an appointment with one of our Hopps experts Today.


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