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How Do I Set Up A Confirmation Email To Newsletter Subscribers?


Hopps Team

Hi, this is Theo from Hopps help, where we attempt to answer your questions in two to three minutes. And today's question is about how you can set up a response to a newsletter subscription? So, imagine when you have your potential customers subscribe to the newsletter, pop-up on your website and you want it to have them receive information back like a confirmation of some sort. I'm going to refer over to a third-party company called Klaviyo and Klaviyo is in my opinion, the best email service that you can get especially with its integration with Shopify. So, you can simply create a Klaviyo account. And then after you make that go-out Klaviyo account, you can add Klaviyo as an app to your Shopify account, make that connection happen. And then you can go into Klaviyo and set up what are called flows, and you can set up different types of flows that are automated in the system, and you can go about making sure everything is running automatically for different types of flows. And then, in this case, I'm going to talk about the welcome series and in the welcome series, you can attach that welcome series to a list and that list is then also attached to your store. So what that list means is that when somebody subscribes to your, let's say you have a pop-up that comes up on your website, that person's email address is going to be brought into the list instead of Klaviyo. And that list is attached to the welcome series, email flow that you've set up and you can customize what that email flow says. So in this case, I'm just going to use this story as an example. But let me, let Lee show you a live view as opposed to going into the actual editing portion. So you can just kind of see what it looks like. So this person, this company had someone design their flow for them in regards to all their flows but more specifically designed the look and feel of the welcome series. And here's a person that actually signed up for the welcome series and collaborative shows you when they opened it and what they received. Okay. So, I'm going to just click on this and it's going to pull up the flow for this. Let's see here. Let's see here, pull it up one more time. Here we go. And you can see here, this person designed this, and here's what happens for this particular website. You, the customer receives this information when they sign up for the newsletter. Okay. So this is a really great way to have that response. So, if somebody signs up for the newsletter a minute or two later, they get a nice, fancy email that you designed yourself inside of. Klaviyo all right. This has been felt from Hopps help. I hope this was helpful in regards to this question. If you need more information, please hop over to for a longer form answering the questions. All right. Thanks.


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