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How Do I Set Up A Free Way For People To Login With Social Platforms Like Google And Facebook?


Hopps Team

Hi, welcome to Hopps help where we answer questions in two minutes. So today's question is how do I set up a free way, that you can free plugin that for people to log in to the website with social networks like Google and Facebook. So if we search for social SSO, single sign-on, then we'll see what we have next end. We have OAuth a single sign-on from many oranges, which by the way, it's a popular brand now and just different things that you can select from. So this one is the next social. Let's take a look at that one just because it's the first it'll list as been, been tested with the current version. It's been last updated two months ago, since it's been two months, it's not that long ago. I would still give it a shot. Besides, it's got 300,000 active installations. This one has a thousand and yeah, and it's been updated five days ago. So I mean, just go through these and see which one works best for what you're trying to implement. And there are different, different options that, that you can select from, for the single sign-on. So whichever ones are the most important for you. Go ahead and install that and you'll be able to click a button to install or to log in with Google or Facebook or the like, all right. So if you'd like one-on-one help from a WordPress expert, hop on today.


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