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How Do I Set Up A Geographic Location Outside The City?


Hopps Team

Hi there. Welcome to Hopps help where we try to answer commonly asked questions in two minutes, the question I'm looking at here is how do I set up the geographic location outside the city? In other words, how do I set a geographic targeting? Um, that's not city targeting, so I'm going to show you I'm inside a demo campaign. I've clicked on settings right here, and I'm inside the geographic location targeting section of settings. I'm going to hit advanced search. I've kind of just got us around Austin, Texas, but we've already established that we don't want city targeting, right? So there are three ways that you can do this. There are three ways at least, um, that come to mind to me, let's say you want to do a small radius and you want to just pick something that's not around an address. It's just kind of a little bit more rural. There you go. And you're targeting this radius, a small radius. This is a little bit East of Elgon. Here's another option for you. You can go under location and then on the far right, toggle this on show all areas. So now this gives you all the kind of predefined counties and zip codes that Google has, um, got in the system, right? This is, you know, powered by Google or type data. You can see the, uh, the map changed here. They're all these different kinds of great out zip codes and counties. So you can click on any one of these targets then that will if you like. And then the final thing I want to show you, add locations in bulk. So you could actually put in a list of postal codes if you want here, which I think is another great way to do non-city targeting. If it's a little bit more rural, um, you know, coming into the targeting and already having a zip code list in hand is great. So those are three ways that you can do non-city targeting. I hope this helps if you have other questions about, geo-targeting definitely head over to today and get started with an expert. Thank you.


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