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How Do I Set Up Email Delivery For Myself And The Customer About Orders?


Hopps Team

Hi this is Theo from Hopps help where we try to answer your questions in two to three minutes today's question is about how you can view the emails that get sent out to your customers? so basically what I like to do is try to do this through a third-party company and as you can see on your screen I have here Klaviyo if you haven't heard of Klaviyo it's a really great really great company your first 500 emails sent out are free and you can also attach it as an app to your Shopify account now there's really not a built-in system that automatically sends you a blind copy of an email and also sends out that email to the customer there are ways to do that within Shopify specifically through the draft order system but we're talking about here full scale emails right order confirmations shipping confirmations uh abandoned cart flows all kinds of stuff right so um the reason I bring up Klaviyo is because you can have a Klaviyo account that will show you all of the ins and outs of every single email that interacts with your store and it's a really great way to view the system so no you will not be able to just have a blind copy sent to you but when you create your Klaviyo account and it is starting to automatically send out emails when a customer interacts with your store you can simply just go to the dashboard and then go to the activity feed and see what customers are doing so as you can see here this customer received their shipping confirmation email automated and then you can see how many times they opened it and if I want to just view what that actual email was that they received then I can just click on that and it shows them shows me exactly what they saw okay which is really really great and then also you could simply click on that customer's name and Klaviyo automatically puts them in a kind of a metric that allows you to view every single thing that they did via their email on your site so it's really great way to just kind of monitor email interactions on your website highly would recommend Klaviyo all right this has been Theo from Hopps help if you have further questions please hop over to for more questions about these types of topics alright hope this helps, thanks.


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